Upper and Lower body muscle release video available with every purchase.

Video's created by Peachi Personal Training


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M2AWelcome to move2ability

Ok! As mentioned in the 'About' section move2ability is based on a concept that by doing some very simple self-massage we can better enjoy being active. So with that in mind this is the section where you figure out what you need to treat your aches and pains. You might already have a fair idea and therefore can go straight ahead and make your order. If on the other hand you are a little unsure read on...before this however please see the introduction video done by Peachi Personal Training at the homepage of the website. There will also be links to Upper and Lower body exercise videos with every purchase. A bit on terminology: m2a uses terms like ‘muscle release, tension, postural imbalance, aches and pains’. These are also referred to as trigger points or Myofacial release. Basically these are knots that develop in muscles caused by general exercise, overworking muscles and not getting any treatment. The items that we sell at move2ability are to treat these trigger points, so when you hear the term trigger points we are just referring to those aches and pains. We offer our products in packages: Our experience is that most people will want more then one item so we offer set combination of items. The most popular is the Pocket physio and Spiky ball and foam roller combo. You will see the combination packages on the website but if you don’t see what you want contact us at info@move2ability.com and we’ll do our best to package up what you need. If you are still at a loss of what to buy we recommend talking to a physiotherapist or a personal training or anyone else that you trust and see what they recommend.

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